“Project Old-School”

Unscripted content

An edgy take on HGTV-style television programming.
Featured at NATPE ‘24.

FWD | Forward With Design

Social Videos

In-studio and location production, brand showcase.

Video & Activations

We bring brands to life through the power of video and live activation

Specializing in creating dynamic video content for brands, we excel in producing unscripted content that resonates with audiences and tells authentic stories. Beyond the screen, we extend the brand experience through live activations, engaging directly with audiences and creating memorable, interactive experiences. Our unique blend of visual storytelling and experiential marketing is designed to elevate your brand, connect with your customers on a deeper level, and leave a lasting impact. Whether it’s through captivating video or immersive live events, we’re here to transform the way your brand communicates and connects.


Damon Snider | The Beach Loft

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Paul Rosen | The Rosen Report

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Studio and location

We offer the versatility of in-studio production or sourcing ideal locations for your brand’s unique story. Our expertise ensures impactful, visually engaging narratives, tailored to your brand’s needs.


In-person and virtual

Our live activations, expertly designed for both in-person and virtual formats, provide immersive and interactive experiences, engaging audiences deeply and elevating your brand’s presence through memorable, dynamic events that resonate across multiple platforms.

What we do best

Capturing audiences with vibrant video content and electrifying live activations

Unscripted content

Expertise in delivering high-quality, unscripted entertainment content with innovative and engaging storytelling.

Brand video

Creating impactful brand videos, combining experience and creativity to enhance online brand visibility and engagement.

Live activation

Promote product or brand awareness through in-person and virtual activations.

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Damon Snider | Old-School

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Damon Snider | The Beach Loft

On Location, Series

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Series, Studio